The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe You Can Make Right Now: Frankencocoa

Frankencocoa is something that started out of necessity. And yet, it’s so awesome we kept on making it – and so should you.

Seriously. Somehow it always, always works. It is truly the best hot chocolate recipe I’ve ever made, and more than slightly because of the sheer unabashed glee I feel when I’m in the kitchen grabbing and prepping all the chocolate. (I sometimes feel like I should bring out my old lab goggles when I make it, but I haven’t gone there. Yet.) I will say it helps that we normally have a couple of hot chocolate mixes and a ton of chocolate. It’s much easier – and more fun – to experiment when you have extra to play with.

Here’s a rough recipe for two servings:

  • Take out all your hot chocolates and sipping chocolates
  • Add a tablespoon of each into a bowl/mug (2-4 is a good number to start)
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of hot cocoa mix (it adds a nice creaminess to the drink)
  • Add about 6-8 ounces heated milk
  • Stir, taste, add chocolate/milk until it’s a properly delicious chocolate doom

This is an incredibly flexible recipe. Basically, as long as it’s chocolate based and you think it’ll taste good, throw it in there. I’ve added chocolate sauce, spare truffles, whatever sounded like it might work.

And if you don’t have sipping chocolate, a bar of chocolate can be chopped into small chunks. Congratulations on making your own custom sipping chocolate!

What I like about this the most is that you’re never going to make the same drink twice. Sure, one mix or bar will likely become a regular occurrence, like how we tend to throw Valrhona Manjari in there. But that’s more because we know it’ll make a good base. It’s way more fun to experiment and try new things.

And it’s something where you can try new things by raiding your cabinets. When it’s cold and raining out, that’s exactly the kind of experimentation I go for.

Also, be warned: this really is a recipe for two. And I wouldn’t drink more than six ounces ever, because this stuff gets intense. Like, I’m all for eating what you want, it’s that Frankencocoa is a freaking meal and it knows it. Just, respect the tiny serving I put in there and try it before making yourself a huge mug, okay?

Now go out and make your own chocolate creation!

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