Have you tried Seattle’s best chocolate chip cookie?

Because it’s in Capitol Hill and requires some planning, but it’s so worth it. Let’s make sure you get to try one!

First, you want a TL;DR? I answered this on YouTube as part of my new Seattle in Sixty Seconds series, so it’ll get you the important info super fast:

You want more details? Yay!

Slab in Capitol Hill is home to my favorite (and hopefully soon to be yours too) chocolate chip cookie in Seattle. Because we’re talking about a chewy cookie with thin, crisp, caramelized edges. I feel like I should say thin proportionate to the cookie, because this $3 cookie is also the size of my face.

Yeah, you heard that right. This cookie can, in theory, feed 2-3 people.

Regular sized cookie, meet giant behemoth filled with chocolate.

On top of that, it’s a super balanced cookie. The cookie itself is chewy, toffee noted and brown sugar sweet, but not too sweet or cloying. The chocolate chunks are laced throughout, popping up in thin ribbons, so most bites contain chocolate. (And it’s wonderfully bittersweet chocolate, so it pops against the sweetness of the cookie.) Add a slightly hearty pinch of flake salt on top, and you’ve got something that childhood dreams are made of, made for adults.

In fact, sometimes it’s just too much. Too much chocolate, too much salt, too much cookie. In my opinion that’s what milk is for. And, if necessary, sharing.

There is a major downside to this glorious cookie: Slab is only open 11-2 every day. And they… don’t make a lot. In fact, I’d go early if it was part of your Seattle trip goals, because it took me three tries to get a cookie. (They just were that popular that week, and I was there around noon each time.) Southpaw, Slab’s sister restaurant, also carries this lovely cookie, but I’ve had better luck going to Slab proper.

I really should at least mention that not only does Slab have a full sweet and savory pie menu, they also have other cookies. So you check this adorably tiny out anyway, just go early if you’re that set on getting a cookie with your lunch.

So have you tried this awesome cookie? I’d love to hear all about it!

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