The full scoop from the Molly Moon’s Spring 2018 Release Party

I think we can all agree on one thing: the Molly Moon’s Ice Cream team throws a mean party.

Every quarter there’s a release party hosted at MM HQ introducing the upcoming flavors for the season. And it’s super cute. (I mean, HQ itself is as pretty as a Pinterest board, and then there’s ice cream.) After all, you can’t go wrong with unlimited ice cream samples in a super cute space.

I feel like it’s the kind of event that is best with a friend so you can compare notes. Someone who hopefully appreciates ice cream as much as you do, because it is a delicious, delicious haul. There are ten flavors. And usually some kind of drink with a scoop of sorbet. (The alcoholic version looks like it’s a sparkling wine, while the mocktail version usually has some flavor of Rachel’s Ginger Beer.)

And it’s fun. You hang out, eat ice cream, and hopefully say hi to a person or three. All in the name of our shared love of ice cream.

My favorites this tasting: strawberry rhubarb sorbet (because of course), Sasquatch (fluffy chocolate trail mix!), cali lime pie (I’m a sucker for lime pie), and hibiscus tea sorbet (so refined!). And, of course, my notes on all the flavors are below in case you just wanted a small scoop instead of the full sundae of news.

On top of that, we got to try – and vote – on mystery ice cream flavors, which was super fun.

The catch: it’s $25 to attend. Given how many sundaes you could get for $25, and that the flavors are going to be out in a matter of weeks to taste test for free, you’re paying for the chance to both get ahead of the curve and say hi to Molly Moon herself and the lovely MM team.

(Look, these things sell out. If you’re interested, get on the mailing list.)

I hope I see you there at one of the tastings!

The full scoop:

Birthday cake

Like eating frosting in cold form. It is dang sweet, like the cakes you had when you were six.

Black sesame

If you haven’t had black sesame ice cream, I hope you can fix that soon. This version is all that I expect of a classic black sesame ice cream: intensely nutty, like a smooth peanut butter tahini, and so fun to eat.

Cali lime pie

It’s a clean, creamy lime ice cream, all bright and tart and sunshine. I love the crumbly/crunchy contrast with the graham crackers laced with raw sugar, which added the tiniest hint of crunch.

Caramel cone crunch

Like eating caramel corn. There’s a mellow caramel flavor here that begs for all the hot fudge and sprinkles in the land.

German chocolate cake

It feels like german chocolate cake. There’s almost a marshmallow fluffiness to the chocolate ice cream, then the chewiness of the coconut along with hints of caramel and malt.

Hibiscus tea sorbet

Do you like drinking hibiscus agua frescas? Basically, this is that in scoopable form. It’s gently refreshing, and grows in floral intensity as you eat.

Original RGB sorbet

If you’re from Seattle, you know exactly how this is going down. Clean, bright, all the tang.


It’s likely using the melted chocolate base, which softens in intensity thanks to the chewy granola yet also has a deeper cocoa flavor. If you like trail mix dipped in chocolate, you’re going to love this.

Strawberry rhubarb sorbet

Sweet and tart and everything you hope strawberry rhubarb will be. I loved its super fluffy texture!

Vegan coconut chunk:

Fluffy! It’s like eating a cold macaroon with all the chewy shredded coconut going on in there. The chocolate is more subtle than you might expect, but still there. Think chewy coconut with a chocolate finish.

Vegan matcha peach swirl

So I feel like there are two forms of matcha: matcha for people who like the idea of matcha, and matcha for people who only drink it with the barest amount of water. This is for the second group. It is a super strong (and bitter) matcha, followed by peachy brightness. By matcha fans, for matcha fans.

Vegan thai tea

It’s a punch of tea to the nose. First you’re going to taste nothing but intense tea flavor, then it almost immediately mellows out into something floral and redolent.




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  1. Michaela May 1, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    This is my dream! If you ever need a friend to go with you next time, let me know and I’ll fly in from Minneapolis. I miss me some Molly Moon’s!


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