Neat Seattle things – week of April 5-11

It’s time for Neat Seattle Things! The post roundup where I find neat events coming up in Seattle – and the food I want to try already. Here’s the stuff for the week of April 5-11:

  • April 6 – Beecher’s Cheese for all! I think I had all of you at Beecher’s, but just in case, it’s apparently a whoooole bunch of Seattle chefs making mac and cheese and cheeseburgers focused on one of our favorite local cheeses. Tickets start at $45 and I regret mainly not posting this sooner.
  • April 6 – Chocolate tasting at indi chocolate! Learn yourself a thing or two about the ins and outs of tasting craft chocolate! Given indi, there’s sure to be a really fun range.
  • April 7 – Seattle Restaurant Week returns! The two-for-$20 lunch and three-for-$35 dinner options are back, Sunday-Thursday, until the 18th! Choose wisely.
  • April 11 – Guest Chef Night at Maslow’s. This is actually part of a recurring series, so I’d recommend reading the whole list, because there are some awesome chefs in the lineup.

Food I’m watching this week (if you think there’s something I should check out, tag me!):

I love the series that Natalie at @beeandthebaker is running with local pie landmarks. The sheer detail! (And that it bakes up with that much detail!)

And Atulea now has madeleines and I am always in for the belle of every tea party:

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